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Bajawa Coffee Flores, named after the capital of the Ngada district, Flores, East Nusa Tenggara. Bajawa region is located in the highlands with a height of 1,700 meters above sea level. Enchantment of the natural beauty of Flores at the foot of Mount Inerie is what is used as a place to grow Bajawa Flores coffee.


Farmer.              : Burnata Diputra
Location.           : Wolobobo Bajawa
Capacity            : 120 Tons / Season
Guardian Tree.  : Lamtoro
Drying Process : Para-para & Green House
Variety               : Kopyol, Kartika, Lini S

Height               : 1300 – 1400 mdpl

Process            : Full Wash

Taste.               : Floral, Vanilla, Caramel


The growing potential of plantations in the region is inseparable from the influence of ancestral culture and traditions in the Ngada district. In fact, the Ngada people believe that abundant natural resources and plantation products are also influenced by the magical elements of their ancestral spirits. For this reason, the customs and moral ethics in preserving nature are very much maintained until today.

As the name implies, Bajawa means valley of well-being, which consists of 2 words namely bha meaning ‘valley’, ‘cauldron’, and Java meaning ‘prosperous’.

Arabica Bajawa Flores coffee has been cultivated by the government since 1977, through coffee seeds originating from Jember, East Java. During the Matheus Regent John Bey (1978-1988), coffee plantations were developed in the Sub-districts of Golewa and Bajawa. These two sub-districts are above 1,000 meters above sea level, matching the nature of the Arabica.

The beautiful and cool plantation area also influences the quality of the taste of this Flores coffee. Many coffee connoisseurs from various countries in the world are falling in love with this coffee because of its distinctive aroma and soft taste.




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