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arabica sulawesi bantaeng

Bantaeng Regency, especially Arabica Coffee, has a strong floral (floral) aroma and taste with low acidity, feels soft and lasts quite a long time on the tongue (full body), has a brown sugar, lemony, caramelly, spicy aroma.


Farmer                 : Hasri Akartani
Location               : Bantaeng
Capacity               : 3 – 5 Tons / Season
Land                      : Slopes, Hills & Forest Areas
Protecting Trees. : Dadap, Lamtoro, Aren
Drying Process.   : Para-para & Green House

Variety                   : Typica, Lini S

Height                   : 1500 – 1700 mdpl 

Process                : Full Wash

Taste.                   : Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Dark Choco


According to Afred Russel Wallace’s historical records, in 1858 a coffee and opium trader named William Wesman owned a coffee plantation in Bontyne (now Bantaeng). Bantaeng coffee has been brought by the Dutch during the colonial era.

Bantaeng Regency is an agricultural area, the growth potential of coffee plants is increasing due to prices that have started to compete with other plants, with the construction of a coffee processing IKM center located in Banyorang making coffee enthusiasts more enthusiastic in processing plantation products




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