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arabika java ciwidey

Ciwidey coffee beans are considered to have the best quality. Coffee plants are planted and grow in cool temperatures, so the flavors they create are no less delicious. They have a very rich spicy taste and a distinctive aroma. There is a sensation of the smell of nuts, the smell of flowers, fruit, and the taste of palm sugar and a little bit of herbs.
When you sip, you will feel the pleasure of the sensation of butter caramel mixed with sweet chocolate. The character of this Ciwidey coffee has a strong body and is refreshing, but still soft.


Variety  : Typica, Ateng, Sigararutang

Height    : 1300 – 1400 mdpl 

Process : Wet Hull

Taste.    : Lychee, Coconut Sugar, Black Tea.


The mountainous area which is located right in West Bandung Regency, is indeed a ‘home’ for 230 members of the Bukit Cimanong Coffee Farmers Group (KTKBC). Located at an altitude of 1,994 meters above sea level, this area is dominated by cool and mild temperatures.

Mount Tambakruyung is close to the center of the Ciwidey sub-district. The Ciwidey area is also considered as one of the famous highlands in the West Java area. The farmers there have a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits; the coffee is no exception.




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