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arabika java mt.ijen

Ijen Mountain located in East Java Indonesia,it iis a volcano mountain located on the border of Banyuwangi Regency and Bondowoso Regency, East Java, Indonesia. one of leading producing arabica coffee beans in East Java on average at an altitude of 1400 above the sea. Arabica Ijen coffee has a very unique taste, aroma and low acidity. The volcanic highlands of Ijen Plateau is located 1,00 meters above sea level in Eastern Java. This region’s rare and premium quality beans are handpicked, sorted and meticulously roasted to a medium-dark perfection. The characteristics distinct within this origin, develops a luscious caramel flavor profile that is rich, full in body, and long lasting.


Variety  : Blue Mountain, Orange Bourboune

Height    : 1600 – 1700 mdpl 

Process : Full Wash

Taste.    : Tobacco, Macadamia, Ginger & Palm Sugar.


Kawah Ijen Crater Lake, at the top of the volcano, is the world’s largest such body of water filled with hydrochloric acid. In fact, it’s the acid that makes the water green. The heat of magma sometimes ignites the sulfur dust in the soil, forming flames of electric blue. Almost every traveler hikes Ijen at night, so once in the crater they can see the famous Blue Flames, a visual annominally that is created by the inner workings of the sulfur mine. As it churns from within, the smoke dances out of the crater in a string of purple and blue flames, drawing people from around the world to witness the flames from 3am to 4:30, when the sun begins to rise and everyone is witness to the stunning beauty of what surrounds them.




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