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arabika sumatera mandailing - wet hull

Mandailing coffee (English: Mandheling coffee) is Arabica coffee originating from the Mandailing area, the Bukit Barisan Mountains, North Sumatra. This coffee has a good thick taste, medium acidity, floral taste with a sweet ending.


Variety   : Ateng, Typica, Sigararutang
Height.   : 1100-1300 mdpl
Process : Wet Hull
Taste      : Ginger, Malt, Dark Choco, Jasmine


In 1833 the Dutch Colonial entered the Mandailing area through Port Natal, Natal, Mandailing Natal, the coffee economy began in 1835. The Dutch Colonial imported coffee seeds from Java by the NHM company owned by King Willem 1 and conducted a nursery in Tano Bato, South Panyabungan, Mandailing Natal in 1840 Through the Cultivation system, the seeds were then distributed to the Mandailing areas, such as to Pakantan, Mandailing Natal and the Angkola area. In 1848, there were 2,800,000 coffee beans with a production of 9.3 tons of coffee beans. The coffee is collected at the Dutch warehouse in Tano bato, then brought to the port of Natal by road via Tapus, Lingga Bayu, Mandailing Natal. In transportation, the Dutch Colonial used indigenous people by carrying them from Tanobato to Natal Port which took 15 days round trip. In 1886, the coffee transportation route was diverted from Natal Port to Sibolga Port.




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