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arabika java mt.prau

Java Island is blessed with a number of beautiful mountains with beautiful views. One of them, is Mount Prau, which has an altitude of 2,565 meters above sea level located in the Dieng Plateau region, Central Java, from its peak presents a beautiful panorama with Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing standing proudly around it. On Mount Prau you can find many Daisy flowers that grow beautifully with a variety of colors, and there is also an arrangement of hills which are often called teletubies hills.

There are two versions of folklore that explain the origin of the name Mount Prau. The first version states that the name of this mountain is taken from its shape that resembles a boat. From a distance, Mount Prau does look like a boat being overturned. While the valley and the surrounding scenery looks like the brunt of the waves. While the second version explains that the origin of the name Mount Prau is taken from the many water sources in that location. It is known, Mount Prau and also the Dieng Plateau contain abundant water sources. These water sources can be seen with the many lakes and springs in the area.


Variety  : Typica, S795

Height    : 1500 – 1700 mdpl 

Process : Full Wash

Taste.    : Passion Fruit, Vanilla, Dark Choco


Based on customary areas, there are four areas that have great potential for coffee in Temanggung, namely Mount Sumbing (sumbing Arabica), Mount Sindoro (Sindoro Arabica), Mount Prau (Arabika Prau) and North Temanggung (the largest robusta coffee in Java). In the customary area of Tanah Merah, North Temanggung, the coffee producing areas are Gemawang, Kandangan (Gesing), Jumo, Posong, Pringsurat, Kaloran. Meanwhile, the customary areas of the Black Land, the coffee producing areas are Tembarak, Tlogomulyo, Ngadirejo, Bulu, Kedu. It is a gentle coffee with a lovely fragrance, medium body, high acidity, balanced flavor with traces of cocoa, and nuts that offer herbal spicy aftertaste. Central Java coffee has been grown in this area since the 17th century and has historically been enjoyed by people all over the world.

Mount Prahu/ Gunung Prau located in the Dieng Plateau area, Central Java, Indonesia. It’s famous with Dieng Culture Festival, Dieng culture festival or DCF is a Dieng cultural festival event that is held once a year generally held in August during the dry season.Held annually as a community celebration, the festival presents various art and cultural performances, Dieng’s finest products exhibition, and to top it all is the unique dreadlock kids’ ritual ceremonies (or Ruwatan anak gembel/gimbal).

The Festival features Dieng’s own distinct traditional art forms such as the Rodad Dance, Lengger Dance, Rampak Yakso, Warokan, Barongsai, Cakil Dance, and Wayang Kulit or Javanese leather puppets show. Among the most interesting products that will be presented in the exhibition are the unique Mountain Papaya or Carica, and the highly nutritious herbal Purwaceng.




9:00AM - 5:00PM