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arabika java preanger

Malabar coffee has a unique blend of flavors. The characteristic taste is so thick and dominant with a dark chocolate taste. Malabar coffee is a type of Arabica coffee that has moderate acidity. The quality of Java Preanger coffee exceeds the quality of coffee from Yemen and in just a few times being exported to the European continent, everyone knows the quality of Java Preanger coffee, so this coffee is nicknamed “A cup of Java” or a cup of coffee from Java.


Farmers               : Sukaluyu Forest Farmers
Location              : Mt. Obey Ciwidey
Area                     : 10 Ha
Capacity              : 32 Tons / Season
Shade Trees.      : Rasamala, Baros & Pinus
Drying Process  : Para-para
Variety                 : Ateng, Kartika, Timtim, Andungsari.

Height                 : 900 – 1000 mdpl

Process              : Wet Hull

Taste.                 : Lychee, Coconut Sugar, Black Tea.  


Java Preanger is a historic Indonesian coffee that began with the forced cultivation system in the 17th century. The name Preanger was used by the Dutch when referring to the Priangan area, which is in the Malabar Mountains area, West Java.

At that time, the Dutch government saw the potential in Java, especially the Priangan area. Then, they build and develop coffee plantations in Indonesia which will later be exported to the Netherlands and other European countries.

The quality of Indonesian coffee beans produced did not disappoint consumers, especially for the European region. The coffee from Java, which we know as Java Preanger, is very popular in Europe.

So famous, European people often call it ‘A Cup of Java’ and no longer call it ‘A Cup of Coffee’ when drinking coffee. Until the 19th century, Java Preanger became the best coffee in the world.




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