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arabika toraja sapan

Indonesia has dispersed the sweet aroma of a world class Arabica coffee since the 17th century, after the Dutch opened their coffee plantations in Sulawesi. One of these plantations was Rante Karua, Bolokan, located in Tana Toraja area, which is about 450 km north of Makassar. Initially, it was owned by a Dutch gentleman by the name of H.J. Stock van Dykk.

The plantation, located at 1500 – 1700 meters above sea level, is known as the best coffee producer in the world. A well-respected coffee entrepreneur from the USA, J. Martines, called it “quality coffee in the world”


Variety  : Typica, S795

Height    : 1500 – 1700 mdpl 

Process : Full Wash

Taste.    : Orange Blossom, Vanilla & Palm Sugar


The Lost Coffee

Coffee was brought to Toraja in the 1850’s. The arrival of rust disease in 1876, which devastated many of the large coffee plantations on Java, helped to increase the uptake of coffee planting in Toraja by small independent farmers. Like any other valuable treasures, Toraja coffee sparked up feuds between noblemen in the past. Coffee war was an epic battle started when the Buginese tried to conquer Toraja in the 1890s, solely triggered by the highly valued coffee trade.




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